THEA-opt® is a quality mark used exclusively for products with optimized theanine formulation. Optimized theanine formulation contains very fine theanine particles. Moreover, the capsules are filled exclusively with pure theanine, also called L-theanine. (The Russell Science Group uses the designation theanine or L-theanine. The ‘L’ indicates that this is a certain type of amino acid.) Pure theanine has a somewhat sweet-bitter taste, typical of one type of tea flavour. Tea (i.e. good tea) has such an exceptional taste, because tea contains theanine.

Absolutely no unnatural substances, such as fillers, additives or colouring agents are added to L-theanine, especially not magnesium stearate to facilitate getting the L-theanine into the capsules.

RSG has filled the capsules in a unique way. It is not necessary to add any additives, which means that these capsules contain 100% pure L-theanine. Currently, this is a very significant fact, because there are many variations of L-theanine preparations on the market.

You have made the right decision if you have selected a preparation with the THEA-opt® quality mark. Choosing a preparation with the THEA-opt® quality mark guarantees the following:


1. Finely distributed L-theanine particles
Each theanine preparation that has been granted the THEA-opt® quality mark has L-theanine particles that are so finely distributed that they guarantee optimal absorption in the body. Therefore in certain cases where a fast effect is desired, it is possible to open the capsules and swallow the powder directly via the mouth. The natural and finely distributed theanine molecules can then take immediate effect in the body via the mucous membrane of the mouth. Since the theanine particles are very finely distributed, there is practically no coagulation of the theanine in the capsules. Theanine capsules with the THEA-opt® quality mark are therefore of the highest quality.


 2. Purity
Each capsule is filled exclusively with 100% pure theanine, resulting in a unique theanine product.
All preparations that carry the THEA-opt® quality mark therefore contain theanine with the highest level of purity, around 100%. This is significant because there are various theanine products on the market that are not 100% pure.


 3. Only pure and natural substances in each theanine preparation
Preparations with the THEA-opt® quality mark contain ABSOLUTELY NO chemical or pharmaceutical excipients, such as magnesium stearate, povidone, sorbitol or colouring agents such as titanium dioxide. After all, modern and conscientious consumers do not want any mixes that contain redundant chemical substances or colouring agents, certainly if there are indications that these substances are harmful to our health.

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