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The Russell Science Group functions as a pioneer in the world of palmitoylethanolamide (PEA).Based on a formulation patent, Russell Science was the first company in the world to develop a new production method, resulting in capsules that contain only pure PEA without any additives and fillers.That is also the reason that Russell Science refers to its capsules a PeaPure.Many companies around the world attempt to copy the production method of Russell Science.

PeaPlex® with PEA-opt® quality mark: the synergy of 3 components
Russell Science carries out unremitting research aimed at contributing to the development of new products of which we can say 1 + 1 = 3.Our research has led to a unique product based on PEA and specially selected B vitamins:

PeaPlex® with PEA-opt® quality mark
PeaPlex® has unique synergy as a result of combining the following characteristics:

  • PeaPlex® contains PEA.
  • PeaPlex® contains specially selected B vitamins in an optimal dosage and proportion to support the nervous and immune systems.
  • PeaPlex®unites the best of two worlds:
  • All the particles in the PeaPlex® capsules are reduced in size as much as possible and are micronized and ultra-micronized. This result can only be achieved using special reduction techniques.
  • The capsules contain only natural substances.

That is why the Pea-opt® quality mark has been granted to PeaPlex®

PeaPlex® with the PEA-opt® quality mark will be protected by no less than three patents for formulation, including a patent on the unique reduction technique.