The physiological mechanism of action of PeaPlex®

Natural healing mechanisms optimally combined

The uniqueness of PeaPlex is that it activates a great number of natural healing mechanisms that are already present in the body (see diagram below).

PeaPlex is protected by 3 patents on formulation.

The 3 pillars of our recovery process

The three pillars of our physiology are of utmost importance in every recovery process, as shown in the diagram below:

  • Metabolism (top hexagons)
  • Nerves (middle hexagons)
  • Immune system (bottom hexagons)

PeaPlex was specifically developed to optimally support our nervous system and our immune system by means of natural metabolism.

For this purpose, we have combined in PeaPlex the body’s own natural substance palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) with a number of specially selected vitamins from the B group. The diagram above shows the supplementary and reinforcing mechanism of the selected vitamin B types.

New insights into physiological synergy lead to PeaPlex.

The Russell Science Group knows more than any other company about the healing power of our body and therefore tailors its products to this. The visions of Professor Erminio Costa, which are extensively explained further in this website, and of Nobel Laureate, Professor Rita Levi-Montalcini, were the guidelines for introducing the new PeaPlex. This combined product contains a superior choice of vitamins from the B group that act in synergy with the natural healing capacities that are supported by palmitoylethanolamide. This creates a product that combines the best of two worlds based on three new formulation patents on which the Russell Science Group worked in the recent years. This synergy (1 + 1 is more than 2) has also been clinically proven and constitutes a part of the aforementioned patents.

Disorders in our body, for example in the functioning of the nerves or the immune system, could have enormous consequences for our health. It has been long known that even slight deficiency of certain B vitamins, for example, could cause all sorts of nerve pains and neuropathy disorders. By combining the healing and repairing molecule palmitoylethanolamide with the correct doses of a number of selected vitamins from the B group, the healing power of our body responds better than when we use PEA and B vitamins separately. A major factor in achieving the beneficial effects in the nervous and immunes systems is not only the choice of vitamins, but also their dosage. The Russell Science Group has discovered and worked out that the most optimal effect from these vitamins occurs when we use their natural and physiological doses rather than the unnatural blast of large doses contained in a number of B-complex products. It is far more natural and physiologically better for our body to receive smaller doses slightly more frequently (2-3 times per day) than higher doses one time per day or per week.

All this results in an optimal PEA product that unites a large number of biological mechanisms of action, as clarified in the diagram.

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