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PeaPure Capsules

JP Russel Science Global Ltd provides pure palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) in vegetarian PEA capsules. As the exclusive supplier of PeaPure, RSG has developed a patent that allows for optimal filling of vegetarian capsules with PEA.

PEA capsules do not contain chemical additives

The RSG capsules are free of chemical or pharmaceutical additives, in contrast to many other PEA products on the market, such as PEA tablets.

Various substances are added to PEA tablets purely for producing them quickly in large quantities. Nowadays, many people are hesitant about swallowing these additives.

That is why you can order PEA capsules, in safe packaging in which each capsule is packaged separately and hygienically.

The advantage of PEA capsules

PEA is a natural substance produced in our cells by means of enzymes in order to realise optimal balance. The production of PEA capsules is based on the same process that occurs in our cells. Two organic, natural molecules—palmitic acid, originating from palm trees, and ethanolamide—are combined together to create palmitoylethanolamide. By now, thousands of people have used PEA capsules solely or have combined them with analgesics or anti-inflammatories. The special thing about PEA capsules is that PEA can be taken with analgesics, anti-inflammatories or other medicines without any problems.

Choose Russell Science PEA capsules

On the RSG website, you can also view the analysis certificate of the PEA used to fill the capsules. This certificate shows that each PEA capsule indeed contains 100% pure PEA.

For a natural choice, choose Russell Science PEA capsules. RSG is the inventor of the pure PEA in capsules. Other capsules with supplements that RSG has developed also don’t contain any chemical excipients and additives. All the capsules only contain natural substances.

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