PeaPlex Capsules

In vegetarian PeaPlex capsules of the Russell Science Group, you will find pure palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), together with specially selected vitamins from the B group (PeaPlex). As exclusive supplier, the Russell Science Group has developed various patents that enable it to fill vegetarian capsules with pure PEA together with the synergic action of B vitamins in a most effective way.

PeaPlex capsules of the Russell Science Group are free of chemical or pharmaceutical excipients, which is not the case in many other supplements and PEA products on the market, such as PEA tablets. In the case of PEA tablets, all sorts of extra substances are added exclusively for the purpose of rapidly producing large volumes of these tablets. Nowadays, many people are wary of swallowing these extra added substances. That is why you have the choice of ordering PeaPlex capsules, which come in hygienic blister packs.

PEA is the body’s own substance, which is created in our cells with the help of enzymes for the purpose of bringing about optimal balance. PEA in capsules is made according to the same process that occurs in our cells. Two organic (natural) molecules, palmitic acid (from a palm tree) and ethanolamide, are connected to each other to create palmitoylethanolamide. Based on a patented process, PeaPlex capsules are also supplemented with a number of special B vitamins selected specifically for promoting synergy. The uniqueness of the PeaPlex capsules is that its ingredients support the nervous and immune systems, restoring the natural balance.

PeaPlex capsules are produced according to a specifically patented production process, guaranteeing their quality and purity. Only PEA preparations that achieve such purity receive the PEA-opt® quality mark. PEA-opt® stands for quality, purity and for a standardized and patented production process.

On the website of RSG, you will find an analysis certificate of PEA with which the capsules are filled. This certificate confirms that each PEA capsule contains pure PEA only. Go for a natural product and therefore go for the PeaPlex capsules of RSG. The Russell Science Group is the inventor of pure PEA in capsules, of PeaPure and of the unique and synergistically active PeaPlex, which was specifically developed and patented to support the nervous and immune systems. Each PeaPlex capsule contains pure PEA and is filled with a number of specially selected unique vitamins from the B group; all the particles are fine or ultra-fine distributed, which is why 1+1 is actually 3 .

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