Ordering and Payment


Delivery Times

Once we have received your payment, the following approximate delivery times apply:

Dutch addresses         :      2 working days
European addresses   :     5 working days
Other destinations       :     8 working days

Please bear in mind:
The time of delivery is beyond our control.


Payment and Security

For payments, JP Russell Science Global Ltd. works together with Ingenico, one of the biggest European providers of payment services with an international network. Worldwide, Ingenico has more than 65,000 clients who have chosen Ingenico for the management and security of their online payments. 

Our payment methods
The following methods of payment can be used:

- iDeal
- Credit Card
- PayPal
- Giropay
- Bank or giro transfer

Online payment is made via a secured connection (https connection), so your privacy is safeguarded.

Invoices are only sent digitally and via e-mail. 

Shipping and handling charges per order
When you order you have to pay a certain amount of money for shipping and handling charges (which does not actually cover the costs).
Our aim is to keep the costs for you per package as low as possible.


When you order PeaPure, we advise you to always order 6 packs because for every 6 packs that you order you receive one pack for free.

How much are the charges?

0-6 € 5,00 € 10,00 € 12,50 € 25,00
7-49 € 5,00 € 10,00 € 12,50 € 25,00
50 or more € 0,00 € 0,00 € 0,00 € 0,00



Bulk discount

Special offers apply for quantities of 50 or more units.

PeaPure is a new product that has many applications. That is why it is very important to receive a professional explanation through a personal talk. RSG wants to promote this method of explanation by offering PeaPure at a reduced price to professionals, who can show that they are working according to this procedure.

Are you such a professional who would like to sell PeaPure based on a personal consultation talk and not via a web shop? If so, then request an access code to the professional shop and subsequently, you can become eligible for purchasing PeaPure at a reduced price.

Please contact us


Track & Trace

'Tracking your order'
You can track the progress of the package(s) sent using our rs4supplements webshop (starting from 7 units only).
Once we have shipped your order, we will send you an e-mail containing a track & trace url. When you click on this link you will receive information about the shipment.



Privacy statement

This is the Privacy Statement of JP Russell Science Global Ltd.

In its capacity of licensee, JP Russell Science Global Ltd (“RSG”) has concluded an agreement with JP Russell Science Holding Ltd in its capacity of licensor.

Within that framework and in view of your interests, RSG, in its capacity of licensee, has undertaken the obligation to ensure that the personal information you provide to RSG is treated in confidence and with prudence.

While this licensing agreement is in place, RSG is allowed a.o. to offer products for sale on this webshop to the users of this webshop.

Upon termination of the licensing agreement, RSG loses that authority and RS Holding can either exercise that authority ensuing from the licensing agreement or transfer it to a subsequent "licensee", provided that subsequent "licensee" also undertakes the obligation to treat the personal information you have provided or will be provide in confidence and with prudence.

By entering your personal data on the webshop, you agree that your personal data can be used by RSG or subsequent licensees in confidence and with prudence, in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

RSG only uses data given explicitly and voluntarily by persons visiting the webshop. You can enter your personal data when asking for information or services, to receive newsletters or to buy RSG products. RSG records your data in order to execute your order. Your data may be used by RSG to inform you of relevant RSG products.

Contact information
JP Russell Science Global Ltd
Registration number: HE 340846
VAT number: NL824004000B01


Frequently Asked Questions

How to order smartly? 
TIP: our advice is always to order one or more units of 6 cartons PeaPure because:
-    for every unit of 6 cartons you receive 1 carton for free.
-    you pay for the shipping and handling charges for only 1 package irrespective of the numer ordered.

Can I order PeaPure by telephone or e-mail?
Unfortunately, you can't. You can only order PeaPure via rs4supplements.com. Due to our stock management systems and automatic order processing we can not accept any order(s) not made via the web shop system.

Will I receive a confirmation of my order by e-mail?
Once your payment has been made, an order confirmation will be shown on the web shop screen.
If you have paid by iDEAL or credit card, you will also receive an order confirmation plus the invoice by e-mail.
If you have not received this e-mail, but still want to make sure your order has been received, please send an e-mail to our customer service department: Please contact us and ask for a confirmation of your order and the invoice.
If you have paid by means of a bank transfer, you will first receive a confirmation of your order. The invoice will be sent as soon as the amount has been credited to our bank account.

I accidentally placed an order twice, what should I do?
If you think you accidentally placed an order twice, please contact the customer service department on Please contact us as soon as possible. 
The customer service department will then investigate if this really is the case.


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