Nerve pain and neuralgia

Nerve pain and neuralgia are both unpleasant and painful disorders caused by dysfunctional nerves. In general, nerve pain is divided into a nagging, chronic pain while neuralgia is a more shooting and fierce pain characterized by stabbing pains. But these terms are interchangeable. Neuropathic pain is a third term that’s also used to describe a nerve pain and neuralgia.

Nerve pain as a result of vitamin B deficiency

For more than a century, it has been common knowledge that deficiency of certain vitamins from the B group causes nerve pain. One of the first disorders connected to this was beriberi. Too little vitamin B1 leads to disturbance in the functioning of the nerves and consequently to neuropathy and nerve pain. When adding vitamin B1, the pain decreases and the nerve function improves. That is why vitamin B1 is included in PeaPlex; together with palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), this provides optimal support to the functioning of the nerves, prevents nerve pain or worsening pains. Recent studies have taught us that many people with chronic pain, elderly people and diabetic patients have an inadequate amount of these vitamins in their blood. That is one of the reasons that these people cannot be treated only with painkillers; they need more than that. That is why the Russell Science Group has invested efforts that led to a new preparation: PeaPlex.

Additional unpleasant symptoms from vitamin B deficiency

Deficiency of vitamins from the B group not only causes nerve pain, but also increases it. Additional unpleasant symptoms could also occur, such as a wobbly gait, tingling and stinging of the hands and feet, a feeling as if one is walking on barbed wire or cotton wool or even numbness of the hands and feet. If a person suffers from numbness and a great deal of pain, doctors refer to this as ‘anaesthesia dolorosa’, painful numbness. This is somewhat contradictory at first glance, but it is appropriate, and it is extremely bothersome if you suffer from it.

Illustration: Nerve pain, swelling and pain and palmitoylethanolamide

In the case of nerve pain causes by a pinched nerve, a chronic inflammation develops, including swelling, and the body consequently produces less palmitoylethanolamide in the painful tissues. PeaPlex supports the nervous system by means of an optimal mix of palmitoylethanolamide and vitamins from the B group.

Nerve pain caused by other vitamins from the B group

Deficiency of other vitamins from the B group or vitamin B complex - as a mixture of vitamins from the B group is called - could also cause disturbances in the nerve activities and thus cause nerve pain. This always occurs because these vitamins support the nerve activities in a very special way, just as they support and reinforce our defence or immune system. That is why combining the natural balancing molecule PEA with specially selected doses of B vitamins is an exceptionally successful concept, if we want to support both the nervous and immune systems.

Using PeaPlex against nerve pain

Because we know that nerve pain might be caused by a deficiency of certain B vitamins, we know that adding these vitamins improves nerve function and reduces pain. By physiologically providing the body with both palmitoylethanolamide and certain vitamins from the B group, we are able to achieve a special biological synergy. That is why we can state that PeaPlex optimally supports the functions of the nervous and immune systems. PeaPlex: based a special formula, supports the nervous and immune systems in cases of nerve pain.

Illustration of a hand: Nerve pain can also occur in the hand, for example in the case of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). In CTS, the nerve is pinched due to confined space, causing tingling, stinging and nerve pain in the hand and sometimes also in the arm.

The patented PeaPlex formula contains a special, scientific composition of PEA together with a number of vitamins from the B group that are specially selected and in specific doses, creating a unique and supportive synergy for the nerve. Moreover, PeaPlex is also prepared in a unique way according to a newly patented process. That is why every capsule contains a special mix of very finely distributed PEA particles together with vitamin B particles.  These very finely distributed PEA particles are utmost minute. Because the capsules are filled with particles in this unique composition (reduced in size, micronized and ultra-micronized), the effectiveness of the PEA product becomes even more optimal.

Micronized and ultra-micronized particles are extremely small and are therefore capable of optimizing the effectiveness of a PEA preparation. That is why PeaPlex is rightfully described as an improved and more effective form of PEA. Both the fine distribution and the specially selected vitamins from the B group is your guarantee.

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