L-Theanine and fear

Don’t let fear be your guide. Although acute fear is an important factor for our well-being in a world filled with threats, when fear becomes chronic, it creates problems.

Fear not only undermines our immune system, but also our hormonal system and that is not good for our body. Chronic fear results in muscles becoming slightly to mildly tense, which is bad for blood circulation. Waste is not disposed of as well when our blood circulation decreases. Everyone is familiar with tension headaches and chronic pain in the neck and shoulders. These pains can also result from poor posture or lack of exercise.

In our complex society, we experience all sorts of daily threats. Our jobs are often carried out while sitting. Insufficient exercise and chronic fear together are a pair that slowly undermines our physical constitution. That is why it is important to get sufficient exercise; everyone knows that. Exercise also helps against fear. The fact is that exercise helps the body to decrease the effects of chronic fear; exercise stimulates blood circulation, removes waste materials from the muscles and stimulates the immune system. Exercise also ensures that muscles can relax more easily.

It is very important to continue exercising also in cases of fear.

Fortunately, there are also supplements and natural remedies that help reduce fear and thus break the vicious cycle. However, it’s not advisable to become dependent on supplements and natural remedies; it’s better to take action yourself. Furthermore, meditation can also help. This does not necessarily mean sitting still, on the contrary. There are many types of movement-based meditations, such as Chi-gong. In addition, breathing exercises, such as those developed in yoga, help people to relax. There are many possibilities for taking actions in case of fear.

In addition to supplements and exercise, green tea is also known for its effect against fear.

Green tea is traditionally known for its calming effect because it contains a very special amino acid called Theanine. There is a good reason why monks at Zen monasteries drink green tea before and after meditation. Drinking green tea can also be helpful before going to sleep. Theanine relaxes you, which in turn ensures that you don’t worry so much. You fall asleep easier and sleep better through the night.

There are many relatively simple measures that can help us find better balance in case of fear and disturbed sleep.

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