1.What is PeaPlex?
PeaPlex is a dietary supplement based on palmitoylethanolamide and specially selected, synergically active vitamins from the B-complex group. Palmitoylethanolamide (abbreviated PEA) is a substance produced by the body in many living organisms and it is physiologically active. In the right doses, palmitoylethanolamide can be used for long periods of time. The vitamins from the B group are specifically selected and produced together with PEA according to patented process to provide optimal support to the nervous and immune systems.

After PEA was initially analysed and checked in an American laboratory under the most stringent requirements, PeaPlex was produced in a specialized Dutch firm in compliance with the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), according to a patented procedure. PeaPlex is of pharmaceutical quality and the patented process ensures a high quality. PeaPlex is guaranteed to be free of magnesium stearate and other pharmaceutical excipients.

2. For what is PeaPlex effective and is it better than PeaPure?
PeaPlex was specifically developed for supporting the nervous and immune systems. PeaPlex contains a number of natural substances that form a unique synergy with one another.

It has emerged that some people do not get the desired results from using PeaPure, but they do achieve these results with PeaPlex.

3. How are the PeaPlex particles produced and broken down in our body?
Palmitoylethanolamide, the active substance in PeaPlex, is a fatty substance made by our own body cells, mainly in and for the body cells that need this substance.

Our cells contain enzymes that produce palmitoylethanolamide and also enzymes that break it down into building blocks for our body. The vitamins from the B group that are added to PeaPlex cannot be produced in our body and they – together with PEA – optimally support numerous natural processes in the cells and tissue.

4. Is PeaPlex available without a doctor’s prescription?
PeaPlex is a dietary supplement and therefore it is available without a doctor’s prescription.




5. Is it safe to take PeaPlex?
Since 2012, one of the active ingredients in PeaPlex, palmitoylethanolamide, has been used by more than a million people in Europe and no difficult, dangerous or problematic consequences have been reported.

The specially selected vitamins from the B group are contained in an optimal quantity in each capsule. A dose of one capsule of PeaPlex 2-3 times per day ensures that the cells and tissues in our body that need these vitamins are optimally reinforced.

The correct dosage is exactly what makes PeaPlex safe, because PeaPlex does not cause a peak load of certain vitamins, such as in the case of vitamin B6.

6. Is PeaPlex safe for people over the age of 65?
Yes, PeaPlex can be safely used by elderly persons.

7. Is PeaPlex produced according to the highest standards?
PeaPlex is produced in a specialized Dutch firm according to the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Therefore PeaPlex meets pharmaceutical quality. The production process is patented, ensuring the top quality of each capsule.

8. PEA is present in foods such as meat, eggs, soy beans and peanuts. If I am allergic to one of these products, can I still use PeaPlex?
PEA contains no peanut, soy and egg allergens. People who are allergic to these substances can therefore safely use PeaPlex.

9. I understand that vitamin B6 might cause neuropathy. Is this taken into account in preparing PeaPlex?
This is absolutely taken into account in the composition of PeaPlex! That’s why the doses of PeaPlex are comparable to what a person takes daily in the most optimal situation; this is called a physiological dose. This means that the kidneys in particular are not overloaded with high concentrations of vitamins B that afterwards need to be urinated out of the body. Moreover, a choice has been made for physiologically active doses of PeaPlex that are administered at least 2 and most often 3 times per day. That allows the body cells to optimally use the specifically added vitamins at several points during the day, and enable these vitamins to effectuate the unique synergy with the palmitoylethanolamide that was prepared especially for PeaPlex.




10. When is the best time to take PeaPlex?
It is best to take PeaPlex during or after a meal.

11. How much PeaPlex should I take?
It has emerged that 1 capsule of 533 mg 3 times per day during the first two months is a good starting dose.

PeaPlex users usually notice an improvement during the first few weeks.

Only after two months, the effect of PeaPlex is evaluated properly. At that point it will be clear whether it is useful to continue using it.

If after two months the desired effect is reached, the dose might be lowered to 1 capsule 2 times per day. However, we recommend continuing with the starting dose for at least three months. In certain cases, the person treating you might decide to double the dose to provide additional reinforcement to the nervous and immune systems.

Starting from 4 months, you can consider to:

-        Continue taking 1 capsule 2 times per day

-        Reduce your intake to 1 capsule 1 time per day

-        Stop using PeaPlex

If the result decreases after lowering the dose, you are then advised to increase the  dose once again to 1 capsule 2 or 3 times per day.

Users can determine for themselves whether 1 capsule 2 times per day is sufficient as a maintenance dose or that a higher dose of PeaPlex is nevertheless advised.

The capsules are easy to open. If you have a problem swallowing capsules, you can distribute the finely distributed content of the capsule over your meal or to take it for example with milk or yoghurt.

12. If I am over the age of 65, do I need to use another dose?
People over the age of 65 can simply use the normally recommenced dose of 1 capsule of 533 mg PeaPlex 2-3 times per day.





13. What should I do if the result is not sufficient?
In case of insufficient result, you are advised to increase the dosage.

14. How long must I use PeaPlex before I will notice the results?
Generally, the first results will occur within a period of two months after taking PeaPlex. Depending on various factors, this might take longer in some users.

Sometimes, we see a clear result only after stopping to use PeaPlex, because only then can we see the difference between using and not using PeaPlex.

To benefit the most from PeaPlex, it is advised to use PeaPlex for at least two months. This is a realistic evaluation period that enables you to decide about the subsequent steps. Sometimes it can also take a long time before you see a reaction.

15. Why does it sometimes take so long before you see marked improvements?
The effect of palmitoylethanolamide and the added vitamins occur via the natural mechanisms of the body. After taking PeaPlex, countless biological actions occur in the cells and therefore it could take weeks before the results are noticeable.

16. Does it also happen that PeaPlex does not work?
Yes, that’s possible. There are people who do not achieve the desired or expected results with PeaPlex. As yet, most people react positively. It is however advised to use PeaPlex at least for two months in order to get a fair evaluation. 





17. Is PeaPlex reimbursed by healthcare insurers?
No, because PeaPlex is a dietary supplement, it is generally not eligible for reimbursement.

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