Questions about PEA Cream


1. What is PEA cream?

PEA cream is a cream that contains an optimal concentration of the natural and protective substance palmitoylethanolamide (PEA for short).
PEA is substance produced by the body, which is found in many living organisms and has a physiological effect. JP Russell Science Ltd. has developed this cream specifically for reinforcing the effect of PeaPure capsules via the skin.
The cream is intended especially for soothing skin that itches and/or tingles, for example. The PEA cream therefore can be used as a good supplement for the effect of PeaPure capsules in the body.

After PEA was first analysed and checked in an American laboratory according to the strictest standards, the PEA cream was produced in a specialised Dutch factory in compliance with very high quality requirements.
PEA cream contains the highest concentration of PEA, compared to other PEA creams.

2. What is PEA cream good for?

Based on recent regulations, we, as producers of creams and food supplements, are limited in the information that were are permitted to provide about the effectiveness of PEA cream. For more information, please refer to other sources (including the Internet).

3. Is PEA cream freely available?

PEA cream is a skin cream and therefore freely available.

Safety and quality

4. Is PEA cream safe for the skin?

The major substance in PEA cream, palmitoylethanolamide, was used by more than one million people in Europe in 2014 and no uncomfortable, dangerous or problematic side effects are known. Also thousands of people have used this PEA-
containing cream to balance their skin. No extraordinary side effects were found. The cream was specifically developed to sooth the skin in case of redness or if the skin stings, tingles and/or burns.

5. Is PEA cream produced according to the highest standards?

PEA cream is produced in a special Dutch factory in compliance with high quality requirements. PEA cream contains the highest concentration of PEA compared to other PEA creams.


6. Hoe often should I use PEA cream?

PEA cream can best be applied as a thin layer to the skin 1-4 times per day.

7. How much PEA cream should I apply?

Begin with a quantity as large as a pea and smear it where you have problems (usually on the feet, which tingle and/or sting); the first time, use as little as possible in order to check whether you are not allergic to the cream. That is very rare, but it is worthwhile checking. If after smearing you have no side effects, then can use the cream more often and in larger quantities, as much as you think will help you.


8. What to do if the results are not adequate?

If the results are not adequate, you are advised to use the cream more often and in large quantities.
In general, you should see the first results after using the cream and ingesting the PeaPure capsules for a period of 2 months. Depending on various factors, for some users it may take longer.
Sometimes the result becomes clear only after stopping to use the cream, because only then can someone see the difference between using and not using the cream.

9.Why does it sometimes take so long before the results are noticeable?

PEA is effective via the natural mechanism of the body. After applying the cream, there are numerous biological actions that occur in the skin cells and the skin nerves, so that it takes a few weeks before the results are noticeable.

10.Is PEA cream sometimes ineffective?

Yes, that is possible. There are people who do not achieve the desired or expected results from the cream. However, we do advise to use the PEA cream for at least 2 months in order to make a fair assessment.


11.Is PEA cream reimbursed by healthcare insurers?

No, the PEA cream is not qualified for reimbursement, because it is a cream for the skin.

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