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PeaPure is a new product that has many applications. That is why it is very important to receive a professional explanation through a personal talk. RSG wants to promote this method of explanation by offering PeaPure at a reduced price to professionals, who can show that they are working according to this procedure.

Are you such a professional who would like to sell PeaPure based on a personal consultation talk and not via a web shop? If so, then request an access code to the professional shop and subsequently, you can become eligible for purchasing PeaPure at a reduced price.

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  1. PeaPlex® and PeaPlex cream
    PeaPlex® and PeaPlex cream Packaging: 6 boxes and 1 tube of 100 g

    * op basis van 9% BTW

    Voor 23:59 besteld, vandaag verstuurd

  2. PeaPlex® bundle Special offer: 6 cartons for the price of 5 Total 180 capsules

    * based on 9% VAT

    Ordered before 11:59 PM, send today

  3. PeaPlex ® Capsules met PeaOpt
    PeaPlex® capsules Packaging: 1 box of 30 capsules

    * op basis van 9% BTW

    Voor 23:59 besteld, vandaag verstuurd

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